The brand you can trust since 1999!


We make human bodies better and more beautiful by painting them with original tattoos.

Body Piercing

We will pierce a part of your body and decorate it with jewelry of your choice.

Cover ups

We will cover unwanted existing tattoos with new, better tattoo work.

Touch ups

We can repair and refine your tattoo; by refreshing colors or refining drawings.

Tattoo master
Šandola Vlado

For more than two decades, people have entrusted their body’s to Vlado to make them special with original tattoo or piercing. “Tattoo Vlado” is a master of his craft.


Tattooing should not and must not have any impact on human health and that is why the highest hygienic standards await you from the moment you enter our tattoo parlor. In our salons, only disposable equipment is used as the safest option in the tattooing process.


We will explain in detail how to nurture and maintain a fresh pierce or a new tattoo. Post-tattoo care and skin healing are an integral part of the tattooing process and can significantly affect the final result on your skin.

The location

On Korzo, in the heart of Rijeka at number 22 (next to Radio Rijeka and above the pharmacy) there is a studio that began its journey 20 years ago in the club “Točka”, and through the next address in “Palach” ended at Rijeka’s most famous address: KORZO.

Summer locations

In the summer we open additional locations in Crikvenica, Rab and Makarska so you can use your vacation for a planned tattoo or piercing or you may have a moment of inspiration and decide to treat yourself to a new tattoo on vacation.


Kralja Tomislava 8

Tattoo & Piercing Crikvenica


Kneza Trpimira 1

Tattoo & Piercing Rab


Lištun 5

Tattoo & Piercing Makarska


Of course, each tattoo is “alive” on the body in three dimensions and the same goes for piercings, but take a look at some of our works in the photo gallery before you decide on your original design.

Contact us

Tattoo & piercing studio "Točka"

Korzo 22, 51000 Rijeka

Working hours

Monday – Friday: 10.00 – 20.00 h
Saturday: 10.00 – 17.00 h


051 211 180
091 156 94 26