Cover ups

Cover Ups – covering an existing tattoo with another:

Existing tattoos are covered with a special tattoo technique. Your tattoo master must know a whole range of technical possibilities and combine them into an optically good solution. Using the right color palette and fitting a new tattoo to make the old one – go unnoticed. We offer coverage with our original designs made on the basis of the existing condition or with a template that you bring yourself.

Anyway; We know how to replace a tattoo that you no longer want to wear with a new one that you will be proud of

Touch ups

Touch up is a common term in our business for finishing an existing tattoo. If you want to upgrade, repair or refresh an existing tattoo with a new color or few lines – we will make a touch up for you.

For tattooing, we use vegan dyes that have not been tested on animals and do not contain glycerin or any animal ingredients.


We make human bodies better and more beautiful by painting them with original tattoos.

Contact us

If you have any questions about tattoo feel free to contact us by phone, via social media or in person at our tattoo parlor. We love to talk about our work and we are always glad if we can make it easier for clients to find a right path to a new decoration on their body.