The highest hygienic standards

Tattooing should not and should not have any impact on your health and that is why the most important question every time you enter a tattoo parlor is – what hygiene standards await me? The conscientiousness of the master and the obligation to use sterilization technology are our trademark, and in a few sentences we will describe what kind of sterilization protocol and equipment is used in our salons.

Our piercing and tattooing equipment is completely disposable and sterile. As importers of equipment, paints and jewelry, we have the necessary permits to import and use them and we are obliged to test their safety and sterility as well as the quality of jewelry materials. Needles are opened from the original and sterile packaging in front of customers before tattooing or piercing. The extensions through which the needle passes are plastic, sterile and disposable.

In most other tattoo studios, you will come across metal extensions that need to be sterilized before re-use. This method is not completely safe and we do not practice it.

The work surface is sterilized before and after each customer, the machine has a protective foil and the masters, of course, work with gloves all the time.

Disposable equipment only

In our salons only disposable equipment is used, as the safest in the tattooing process. We strive to provide our clients with complete safety and as proof we often use the fact that even parents bring their children for tattooing in our parlour based on recommendations, keeping in mind our impeccable hygiene standards.

We use disposable needles packed in original wrappers with a specified expiration date, confirmation of sterility and the way they are sterilized. If the envelope is open or factory damaged, we do not use it and the master must take another one!

Sterile plastic needle holders – tubes, are also disposable equipment that is thrown away after use and thus prevents possible contamination.

Needles and tubes were sterilized with E.O. gas in the factory that produces them. Our studio imports exclusively EU-certified products that are subject to high standards. Our salon also deals with the import and sale of needles, and since these items are medical equipment, they are subject to rigorous checks when imported into the Republic of Croatia. Tattoo studio Točka received a license from the Drug Agency to import needles into Croatia. At each import, both the composition and sterility of tattoo dyes are analyzed by the Institute of Public Health, which confirms their correctness and safety.

After the work is done complete equipment is thrown into special containers and disposed by a company with a license for the disposal of hazardous waste.

Sterilization systems for other equipment

Autoclave sterilization systems

Autoclave systems use hot steam under pressure to sterilize work equipment in a relatively short time. By conscientious and professional use, flawless sterilization results are obtained.

Dry sterilization systems

The dry sterilization system uses only high temperature (no steam) and this type of sterilizer raises the temperature to 200 ̊ C during several hours of sterilization. This is also a good way to sterilize, of course; provided it is carried out professionally and conscientiously.