Tattooing is our favorite way of enhancing human body. The ancient technique and custom of tattooing served our ancestors to express tribal or religious affiliation, but the aesthetic element and the idea of tattooing as an ornament are common to us. The dyes available to them were applied to the body with sharpened bones or twigs and although the process is technically far advanced today with electric tattoo machines and the choice of effective colors, the purpose and primary goal of this skill remained the same: to make man unique.

When you decide to get a tattoo with us, you will not have to worry if someone has the same tattoo as you. All tattoos in our salon are unique and we are ready to adapt any template, drawing or photo to your body and turn it into an ornament on your skin. For tattooing, we use vegan dyes that have not been tested on animals and do not contain glycerin or any animal ingredients.

The price of each tattoo is determined separately, depending on the size and amount of applied details you want. If you have an idea of what you want, you can get price information in person at the studio, by phone or e-mail, and if you are still undecided – come to us to come up with a solution together.

After each tattoo, our clients receive detailed instructions on how to treat the tattoo in the coming days. Taking care of a fresh tattoo, not exposing yourself to the sun and potential sources of infection as well as regularly applying the appropriate creme is just as important in the process of creating a quality tattoo as the tattoo itself. All clients receive instructions in writing, and you can contact our salon with any questions. Do not listen to the “advice” of acquaintances and other “experts”, always consult your tattoo artist.

Tattoo gallery

Of course, each tattoo is “alive” on the body in three dimensions and the same goes for piercings, but take a look at some of our works in the photo gallery before you decide on your original design.

Cover ups

We will cover unwanted existing tattoos with new, better tattoo work.

Touch ups

We can repair and refine your tattoo; by refreshing colors or refining drawings.

Tattoo maintenance

We will explain in detail how to nurture and maintain a fresh pierce or a new tattoo. Post-tattoo care and skin healing are an integral part of the tattooing process and can significantly affect the final result on your skin.

Contact us

If you have any questions about tattoo feel free to contact us by phone, via social media or in person at our tattoo parlor. We love to talk about our work and we are always glad if we can make it easier for clients to find a right path to a new decoration on their body.